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Current list of key features

Super fast user interface​

Our user interface allows user to create fast action, navigate without necessary buttons and be incredibly effective.

Apple Pencil support

Using the Apple Pencil unlock the full potential of Naomi. Support native behavior for excellent control.

Organize projects

Naomi provides project level and scene level approach to keep organize your files.

Keyframing tools​

Set of functions for creating, moving a editing keyframes. Autokey and other function all in. 


Timeline with range functionality and playback synchronization. 

Pre-rig assest

Naomi comes with pre-rig assets so you can start right away with animation.

Realtime playback

Naomi support realtime playback speed for you to see the animation. 

IK and FK support

Naomi support classic IK and FK behaviour. 

Reverse playback

Hold the play button and once released the current frame is set to the original point.

More features are coming soon. See our Road map.


What ipad do I need?

Naomi is available on every iPad running iOS 13 and higher.

Do I need Apple Pencil?

No but for the best experience is the Apple Pen is recommended.

Can I import my models?

Currently not but import feature is on our road map and should be available in version 1.2. 

Can I export my animation to other 3d software?

Currently not but exporting is on our road map and should be available soon in version 1.3. 

What about animation curve editor?

Animation curve editor will be available in version 1.1. 

A lot more coming soon.
Learn more about Naomi road map here.

Starting December we released our first version and we are already in full development of version 1.1. with more features. We understand that current version is missing some important features like curve editor. Please see our Road map to ensure that we will add these and way more. We strongly believe that we have a lot to offers to animation world.






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